Open Auditions will be held at the theater by appointment only

Please arrive at the theater 10 minutes before your scheduled audition slot

3 ways to schedule your audition:

        • Follow the simple steps below to sign up for your audition slot, OR
        • visit the Cultural Park Theater Facebook page and find the audition event, OR
        • Call the theater at 239-772-5862


Auditions are open to Men and Women ages 11 and up.

Registering is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1.Click this link to be taken to the sign-up website,
2. Select an audition slot that fits your schedule (please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled audition slot).
3. Answer a few questions and submit your registration!

What to prepare??
1. Be prepared to sing 16 bars of your choice of music selection
2. Reveille Revue will be onstage April 8th-11th, 2021.

All performers MUST be available for all rehearsals (March 22-23-24-29-30-31 April 5-6-7 from 7-9 each day) and performances.
Reveille Revue will be directed by Michael Moran.


Why Audition at Cultural Park Theater?

If you have made it this far, then perhaps you’ll go a little further.  Read on, and allow me to spend a few minutes encouraging you to take the next step to auditioning at CPT.
Many people are curious about what it is like to perform on stage.  Somewhere in the back of their mind they wonder if they could possibly do this and also wonder about the pros and cons of it all.  Rest assured, anyone can do this.  YOU can do this.  All it takes is for you to dabble your toes in the water for the first time.
CPT actively encourages new people to audition.   As a community theatre, we depend upon new blood to keep us growing and alive.  Many directors actively recruit new people for that very reason.  And each year we cast many actors from the ages of 7 through 77 and up. Auditioning for a show isn’t all that difficult or scary.  Many others have done it – so can you.
If you think you may want to try, but are still wondering if you have the time or need to know more, contact the CPT office and they will send your information to the show director who will contact you to answer any questions that you may have.
Every audition is different, and every director conducts their auditions differently from the others.  But here are a few things that are universally true for them all:
New faces are ALWAYS welcome at CPT.   Directors actively recruit new actors and actresses all year.
Everyone at an audition wants you to do well – even those auditioning for the same role are cheering you on. You are admired and respected just for trying.
Don’t judge your talent or stage possibilities. The director appraises auditioners objectively to determine the best mix of people and talents for their production.
If you don’t receive a role, it doesn’t mean you weren’t great.  Each role brings an ingredient to the mix and the director needs to select the cast that blends the best.
Winston Churchill said it best, “Never, never, never give up.”    If you don’t land a role the first time it just means that maybe you weren’t a good fit for the current show but you could be great for the next one.
A CPT production brings together the most diverse group of people you could imagine.  In working towards opening night, whether your part is large or small, we become close friends and have the best of times together!  And remember that while the risk of auditioning may seem huge, the payoff is much bigger.
Cultural Park Theater produces 16 plays, musicals and revues each year. All auditions are open to everyone so keep your eyes on this website, our facebook page and your email for audition opportunities.