Don’t let the title put you off. By the end of this show performers and audiences alike will be laughing so hard they’ll… fall off their chairs. Sorry, couldn’t resist. “Urinetown” is in fact, a satire of almost every musical you can think of. Yes, “Urinetown” is the most irreverent show you’ve ever seen and that’s probably why it’s such a big hit with high school students. The story takes place in a time of desperation and desolation. A massive water shortage (caused by a twenty year drought) means that private toilets have been outlawed and the public now have to pay “for the privilege to pee”. These public amenities, as they’re known, are run by the evil Urine Good Company (or UGC) headed up by the villainous Caldwell B. Cladwell. If citizens refuse to pay the fee, they’re sent to the infamous Urinetown.

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