Wake Me At Midnight

Over the last 58 years Cultural Park has delighted to bring to our stage wonderful original music revues, and plays written by local and national playwrights. One of our audience’s favorites is the work of Joe Simonelli and this production from our 2015/2016 season. As an added treat this year the show is being directed by Joe himself as he recently has retired to Florida. Join us as we revisit this comic hit about struggling playwright Ted Santi is waking his ‘black sheep’ uncle Joey upstairs at the funeral home while all hell is breaking loose downstairs in the lounge! Who are some of the people you’re likely to run into at an Italian wake? How about your ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, current girlfriend, local bookie and pesky funeral director, all of whom you owe money to! What’s a guy in need of quick cash to do? How about enlist the aid of his zany relatives to find the winning sweepstakes ticket that the practical joking decedent has hidden somewhere in the funeral parlor on which the statute of limitations is set to expire at midnight!

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