Theater Classes

The Cultural Park Theater Educational Department offers a full range of classes for students interested in pursuits in acting, musical theater, theatrical design, and technical theater. Our production program is supported by our remodelled 184 seat Theater. Additionally, our faculty provide a disciplined, practical, and supportive environment for the cultivation of theatrical skills. At our theater, students of all ages may pursue training tailored to their level of interest and expertise.

We hope that you take a moment to browse the courses that we offer. Please feel free to call if you have any questions. Registration is open now and classes begin in early September. If you register for both fall and winter session classes today and save $10.00 on your winter class!


This class introduces young children to the joys of musical theatre, using drama games and role playing children will be taught how to perform in front of an audience and create believable characters. The class culminates in a production at the end of the class.

Starting Saturday, September 9 and continuing for 8 weeks – $75


This fun filled class introduces beginning and furthers advanced students in musical theatre. Students will focus on voice inflection, facial interpretation as they work together to create a character. This class is taught multi-level. It is not necessary to be an experienced singer, dancer or actor to participate in this fun and exciting class, so sign up have fun and dream of the big lights.

Starting September 12 continuing for 10 weeks – $95


You’ve been asking for a great acting class; here it is!  These interactive classes are designed to challenge your current acting abilities helping to further develop and enhance your skills through training, practice, and learning to take direction effectively. Exercises will include warm-ups, drama games, vocalization, monologues, and improvisation! Together we will explore:

  • Theatrical Terminology (In the theater, it’s actually good to cheat!)
  • Stage Movement & Using Your Body to Communicate
  • Sensory Awareness – Making the Invisible Visible
  • Emotional Memory – Allowing the audience an intimate glimpse of your soul
  • Various Acting Techniques – What works best for you?

Come and explore your talent, build your confidence, and develop your acting ability!

Class meets on Mondays from 6:00 to 7:00 for eight weeks starting Sept. 11,  $75.00 per student.


Did you ever wonder what it is like behind the scenes in theater? Or wanted to learn more about it? Then this is the class for you. Explore all of the different areas in technical theater, such as lighting, sound, carpentry, stage management, design, knot tying, rigging and more. Work one on one with Cultural Park Theaters Technical Director. This is a hands on class. Those completing this class are eligible to join our excellent tech booth team.

Classes Start September 12, from 5:30 till 6:30 and continue for 10 weeks. Tuition $75.


This class will consist of beginner basic dance steps and terminology.  The class will begin with a 20 minute warm up, 20 minutes of jazz movements, ballet positions, across the floor moves and 20 minutes of basic tap steps.  This is to enhance the students’ dance ability during stage performances.  The class will conclude with a dance routine taught throughout the 10 weeks.

This class is intended for individuals age 10 through young adult.  Dress required is jazz shoes of any kind and comfortable clothes.

Pricing: $75.00 for 1-hour class beginning Thursday, Sept. 14 and running for 10 weeks.

Scholarship Fund Raffle

Each year Cultural Park Theater awards scholarships to families and children who could not afford to send their children to our camps, classes, and workshops. These scholarships give kids a chance to participate in programs that can teach them life skills.