Crimes of the Heart


What's the story of Crimes of the Heart

The three MaGrath sisters are back together in their hometown of Hazelhurst, Mississippi for the first time in a decade. Lenny, the eldest, never left Hazelhurst -- she is the caretaker of the sisters’ cantankerous Old Granddaddy. Meg, the middle sister, left home to pursue stardom as a singer in Los Angeles, but has, so far, only found happiness at the bottom of a bottle. And Babe, the youngest, has just been arrested for the murder of her abusive husband, Zackery Bottrelle. Under the scorching heat of the Mississippi sun, past resentments bubble to the surface and each sister must come to terms with the consequences of her own “crimes of the heart.”

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Crimes of the Heart

Lenny is around thirty-years-old. The play starts with her thirtieth birthday. She is the oldest MaGrath sister. She is a thoughtful and responsible, yet frustrated and lonely lady. She takes care of her old and sick grandfather, Old Granddaddy. She sleeps on a cot in a kitchen to be close to her grandfather. The relationship of Lenny is not stable with her sisters. She is jealous of Meg for receiving extra care from her grandfather. Meg is always around men but Lenny is lonely. It develops a feeling of dislike in Lenny’s heart.
Meg is the middle sister. She is twenty-seven years old. At the age of eleven, Meg has discovered the dead body of her mother who committed suicide. This traumatic experience changes Meg’s personality. She wants to test her strength by looking at offensive and unhealthy incidences. Looking at the photographs of sick people and crippled children become her center of attention to block her feelings and suffering. She smokes, drinks, and flirts with danger.
Babe is the youngest among the MaGrath sisters. She is twenty-four years old. She is married to a wealthy lawyer, naming Zackery. At the opening act of the play, the news of Babe shooting her husband comes. To explain this incident, she says that she doesn’t like her husband. As the play proceeds, it is revealed that she shoots her husband when he threatens her boyfriend, Willie. Her affair with a fifteen-year-old boy forces her to shoot her husband when he discovers their relationship.
Chick is the MaGrath sisters’ cousin. She is twenty-nine years old. She has yellow hair and shiny red lips. Chick is very concerned about her reputation in the community. When the news of Babe shooting her husband comes, she worries that how will she keep her head up in the community. Chick criticizes MaGrath’s family now and then. She recalls their past experiences, such as their mother’s suicide.
Barnette is a lawyer who Babe hires to fight her case. He is twenty-six years old. He is a graduate of the Ole Miss Law school. He opens his firm in Hazlehurst. He is a clever man. She takes Babe’s case as a chance to take personal revenge from Babe’s husband for ruining his father. He possesses a strong attraction to Babe.
He is Meg’s old boyfriend. He is thirty years old. He gives the news to Lenny that her horse has been killed. He is still called by “Doc” even when his medical career died after he was seriously injured in a hurricane. His love for Meg makes him stay with Meg when other people go away from the place of the storm. For this reason, many people believe that Meg persuaded Doc to stay with her there.