Forever Rod – Best Tribute to Rod Stewart


Martin Andrew is the man that recreates the Rod Stewart experience from his early days with the Faces, throughout the glamour of the 80's, to the more sophisticated Rod of the 90's and beyond.

A dynamic display of a world class performer showcasing all the hits that made Rod Stewart a living legend of our time. The show is an exploration of Rods career with live music cleverly integrated with documented visual displays by way of projection cameras. The show captures the make up of the man and his music. All the hits from "Maggie May" to "Do ya think I'm sexy?", as well as a trip down memory lane with a selection of timeless classics from the Great American Songbook. Rods brightly colored jackets, loud shirts, tartan ties and blond spiky hair all replicated along with his trademark sleek moves.

This rock n roll show relentlessly pumps out hit after hit as Forever Rod pays tribute and gives the ultimate salute to a living legend. Martin has travelled all over the world with this dynamic and highly entertaining show.