Job Description – Executive Director

Executive Director/Full Time


The Cultural Park Theatre Company promotes artistic creativity, education in the arts and theatrical presentations building a foundation for a vibrant cultural community. It is owned and administered by Cultural Park Theater Company Inc., a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

For over 57 years The Cultural Park Theatre has presented or hosted theater productions, art exhibits, concerts, and private gatherings. Apart from presenting educational programs for children, young adults and adults, Cultural Park produces 20 to 24 shows each year, over its summer and winter seasons.

Cultural Park Theater is located in Cape Coral, Florida in a building owned by the City of Cape Coral but is run by the Cultural Park Theater Company as the managing company for the city and maintains its own business management, staff and funding. It contains a Theater which is a 184 seat presidium arch stage, the Culliton Gunterberg art gallery, gift shop exhibit area, rehearsal hall, work shop as well as production and administrative spaces. CPTC also occupies three offsite storage buildings.

Primary Purpose:

To manage and provide support and funding for the Cultural Park Theatre Co.




Extensive experience in theater and theater organization

Bachelors Degree Preferred – Experience may replace degree


Special Knowledge/Skills:

-Collaborative skills

-Human relation skills

-Ability to execute rental and performance contracts

-Extensive bookkeeping/accounting skills

-Skilled in operating personal computers



3 years of theatrical stage production

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Oversee bookkeeping and provide accurate monthly accounting statement to the board president for board review.-
  2. Ensure all taxes and insurance contracts are paid in a timely manner and remain in force at all times.-
  3. Maintain regular business hours to including division of employees and directors to cover not only day time hours but evening and weekends when events are taking place in the theater.-
  4. Work cooperatively with others and accept direction from the board through its president.-
  5. Obtain licensing for company productions, rent and return appropriate materials.-
  6. Participate in the development and implementation of CPTC goals.-
  7. Develop systems for technical management and information tracking.-
  8. Maintain and ensure that building is kept in good repair and act as liaison with City for facilities upgrades.-
  9. Establish and maintain relations with other theaters, organizations, schools and vendors.-
  10. Supervise all event set-ups for all CPTC administrative sponsored events.-
  11.  Schedule the use of theater spaces, negotiate and write contracts and rental agreements.-
  12. Perform or arrange necessary services and repairs for theater and equipment.-
  13. Research and report to the board as to necessary equipment and facility improvements for the theater.-
  14. Responsible for the coordination and implementation of summer camp programs to ensure safe operation and the success of the program.-
  15. Maintain flexibility and willingness to contribute to the resolution of problems.-
  16. Oversee production and mailings as required by the Bylaws and Standing Rules.-
  17. Maintain timely marquee advertising.-
  18. Attend and participate in any board meetings managers meeting and related activities as requested by the board.-


In addition to the duties stated above, the Employee shall perform such further and other reasonable duties as required by the Employer.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

  1. Assume responsibility for volunteers and employees to work toward common goals with integrity and professionalism.-
  2. Collaborate with CPTC staff on special events, and productions

      Supervise and supports all theater events in consultation with the CPCT board of             .                        .     directors

  1. Ensure proper CPTC staff be on hand for these functions to open and close the theater; if necessary, to be done by the executive director.-
  2. Coordinate and provide lighting and sound reinforcement as required for all events and other performances as needed should there be problems with technical staffing.-
  3. Advertise for new employees and conduct interviews, making hiring recommendations to the board. After board approval, hire new employee.-
  4. Coordinate use of backstage, workshop, costume loft and storage spaces.-
  5. Arrange training and supervise technical personnel for company productions and special events.-


Equipment Used:

            Computers, Accounting and Office Software, Ladders,


Working Conditions:

            Prolonged and irregular hours, Occasional work on Holidays, Be able to lift up to 50 pounds

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

           Moderate lifting; climbing; bending; exposure noise, heights and other physical risks


          Based on experience

To Apply, please submit resume and salary requirements to