Private Lives


What's the story of Private Lives

Private Lives is a 1930 comedy of manners in three acts by Noël Coward. It concerns a divorced couple who, while honeymooning with their new spouses, discover that they are staying in adjacent rooms at the same hotel. Despite a perpetually stormy relationship, they realise that they still have feelings for each other. Its second act love scene was nearly censored in Britain as too risqué. Coward wrote one of his most popular songs, "Some Day I'll Find You", for the play.

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Private Lives


Elyot Chase
This character is eloquently witty, cynical, and prefers to live in the moment.

Sibyl Chase
This character is shallow, bubbly, and not given to particularly deep thoughts.

This character is French.

Amanda Prynne
This character is glamorous, sharp-witted, and exquisitely mannered.

Victor Prynne
This character is formal and dignified, though somewhat dull.