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Reach out and let us know ...whether you like comedies, dramas, musicals, kids shows or concerts, Cultural Park Theater has them all!

Your Board of Directors

President: Christi Wengerter
1st Vice President: Lisa Maglione-Chenault
2nd Vice President:
3rd Vice President: Adam Culliton
Treasurer:Chris Sprague
Recording Secretary: Suzanne Davies
Correspondence Secretary: Cassie Sampson
Past President: Lee Otto
Executive Director: Mark Fleming
Appointed Members: Laurie Strum,  George Ringlen, Anita Caspar

Your Theater Staff

Box Office: Ken Garwold
Executive Director: Mark Fleming
Accounting Office: Ellen Neuberger
Marketing and Social Media: Joy Ursillo

Call us at 239-772-5862 or stop by and say hi!